Refer & Earn

Refer Arihant to your friends and earn 20% of the brokerage generated by your friend on their transactions.

Generate link to share with your friends!

How it works?

1.Refer a friend

Go to Refer a friend page, generate your personal
referral link and share this link to invite a friend.

2.Account opened

Your friend will successfully open an account
with Arihant using your referral link. If (s)he does not,
you can send her/him a reminder to finish their account opening.

3.Get rewarded

You will get 20% of brokerage
from the trades done by your friend in all segments for 3 years*. Woohoo!

Refer & Earn

Send a referral email to your friend, or share the unique link, generated on the top right, directly to your friends.

Still got questions?

Simply open the Refer and Earn page, enter your client code and generate referral link. Share this link with your friends via whatsapp or email. Your friends will be redirected to open an account using your referral code.

If your friend has opened an account with Arihant within 30 days of your lead, In case you have not received it, please contact your RM, who will open a ticket with the customer support and get your query resolved.

Don’t worry, there may be an error at the moment. Please contact your RM or get in touch with the customer support desk at We will help you generate your referral link

It is highly possible that the customers that you referred haven’t placed a trade yet. Once they start trading, your brokerage reversal will be applied. In case you are aware that your friend has started trading with Arihant and you are still not getting a reversal, please contact your relationship manager or the customer support desk at